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...In the heart of Tinos ! 

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Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades after Andros and Naxos. It belongs to the Northern Cyclades and is situated Northeast of Andros and Northwest of Mykonos. It stretches over 197 sq. klms, with 52 villages and 9,701 permanent habitants.   


The villages of our community are situated in the heart of Tinos and have easy access to all the beaches and the other villages which makes it the ideal place to stay for the visitor.

During recent years, Tinos has seen an impressive growth in tourism. Both Greek and foreign tourists have discovered the picturesque villages, the beautiful beaches, the tasty Cycladic cuisine and the friendly people.

The villages of our community...



One of the five main villages of Tinos with a history going back 2.400 years! According to the archeologist Haris Koutelakis, Komi is mentioned in a sign dating in the 4th century. After all the name Komi actually means in ancient Greek village or country town.

Komi has always been important in the area particularly amongst the “Kato Meri” villages because it is situated next to the most fertile valley of the island, but also because of Kolibithra bay which was used as a commercial port which is the reason part of the bay is called “Apothikes” which means storehouses.  


Komi is today one of the largest villages of Tinos, only 12 kilometers from the main town (Hora) and 3.5 kilometers from the famous Kolibithra beach, with about 300 permanent inhabitants (a number which grows to twice the size in the summer months. It is a protected traditional village with many beautiful traditional houses which stretch alongside the valley.

The central stone-paved road goes from one end to the other, passing in front of the old school and the famous archway in order to end up at the main village square with its centuries old plane trees. This is where the popular artichoke feast takes place where people from all over Greece come to taste the numerous savory and sweet dishes that are made from the locally produced artichokes.


Komi has very good road access to every part of the island. The church of St. John the Baptist in Mesa Komi which is celebrated on the 29th of August, is one of the most beautifully decorated churches of the island, one of the largest, a fine example of the Vasiliki architecture with a dome and famous for its exceptional temple. On that date the village holds its annual traditional festival. The church in Kato Komi, a church “in the name of Virgin Mary”, is covered in its facia by local marble and its bell tower resembles the architectural inserts of the dove cots of the island. The church is celebrated annually on the 12th of September. There are two more churches in the village: St. Anne in Kato Komi and St. George at the cemetery.

The village has a small meze tavern, a café, a pizzeria, pharmacy, bakery, winery and a traditional goods workshop.

The picturesque village Skalados is built on the side of mount Exombourgo and is situated 9 kilometers from the capital of Tinos. There are various assumptions as to how the name has derived. Some claim that it comes from the word skala which means steps as the village is full of steps, while others claim that it derives from the plethora of fig trees in the village. However, the most likely version is that it derives from the family Cicala/Cigala in the 15th century although the history of the village goes back to the 13th century. There are four churches in the village, the oldest, “Kioura”, belongs to the cemetery, next came the main village church St. John the Baptist which is considered a jewel because of its architecture and magnificent interior for its period. 
Next came the small church of St. Panteleimon which attracts a lot of people on its name day feast and finally, a chapel built in the beginning of the century, the Metastasis of Virgin Mary, on the cliffs of Mavra Gremna. The chapel is lit at night in a way that it makes it look as if it floats in the air. It is worth mentioning that there is a number of smaller chapels in the area which can be seen both in the village and in the surrounding walks. The village has 80 permanent residents and is considered one of the liveliest on the island. As expected, during the summer months the village fills with visitors of all ages. The village school, which was operational from 1923 until 1978, today is used for various events and is the place where the Easter festival is held on Easter Sunday. The school foreground is also used as a playground by the youngsters. In the village there are rooms to let, tavernas and a hairdresser’s. Although the village is lively it is also a place to relax. One has the opportunity here, to discover all nature’s treasures, study its history within its trekking paths, the dales, the churches, the chapels and the windmills. And when you get tired you can enjoy a beverage in one of the villages stores. 



Krokos village took its name from the saffron plant (Zafora). Elders remember the roofs of the houses full of the saffron plants which the villagers collected and gave to the Nun nurse who made medicinal ointments to heal the sick. The column that used to hold the arch of the old village well, which is kept today at the Archaeological Museum of Tinos. This leads to the assumption that the village has been inhabited since the ancient times.

The village church is dedicated to the annunciation of Virgin Mary and dates since 1817. Today Krokos has few permanent inhabitants, mainly senior citizens. The village is situated on the side of a mountain, in a green ravine. Picturesque, always full of flowers and spotlessly clean thanks to the local the ladies who cater for it daily from side to side. 

Krokos is situated in the passage to the Kato Meri villages, just before the Komi valley. It has a café, a meze tavern and a café restaurant for a relaxing and cooling stop, before or after the swim or the trekking in the surrounding villages. Small but famous for its illustrious inhabitants, mainly the doctors that were born here. The most famous being the scholar Fanariotis Markakis Zalonis who was born in Krokos on the 29th of March 1781. He was the son of Dr Natale Zaloni. His grandfather Marketos Zalonis was also a doctor. At the end of the 19th century we also find the doctors Baptist Rougeris and Petros Zalonis who was also a pharmacist. In Krokos originates also Ioannis Zalonis who was a doctor and a member of Parliament for the island of Tinos (+1895).





Certainly one of the prettiest villages of Tinos. A small Edem. The village was named as such as it was the passage from the Kato Meri villages to Hora. A very small village with few inhabitants today, full of vegetation, due to a small stream which crosses the village and with two arched, stone bridges that link the two sides. There is also an old, abandoned oil press and one of the most elaborate dovecotes of Tinos built in 1927.

The village has high stone walls either side of the main path and in the stream, you can see and hear the famous ducks. On the village square you will see the church of St. George who is celebrated the day after Easter with a generous offering of food and lots of dancing. A little further you will see the church of The Virgin of Angels which is celebrated on the 15th of August and which has been the inspiration of a book written under the same name.  

In the old days, at the café of Giakoumis, and later George Kaminos and Joanna, there was a lot of festivities and island dancing with local musicians and when the musicians were not available, one of the first record players was used which still survives. The pathway that joins Komi with Perastra, runs alonside the stream and is considered still an ideal walk. More experienced walkers can also follow the path which leads to the village Loutra under the cool shade of the oak trees. 


Where you can stay 

There is a number of small hotels and homes to rent for short stay in the vicinity which can cater the needs of visitors. In Komi there is URSA MAJOR SUITES, a beautiful 1801 building with luxurious suites (tel. 22830 51889). In Kolibithra there is the small, friendly hotel VICTORIA with 10 rooms all with a sea view (tel. 22830 51309, 6932322964). In Skalados you can rent apartments at ASTROKAKTOS which are situated in an unique spot of the island (tel. 22830 51274).  

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The local delicacies and where you can enjoy them...

In the last years, Tinos has built a reputation for its tasty cuisine. The villages of our community are no exception. Here you can taste all the traditional foods of the famous Cycladic cuisine! 


Next to KOMISSSA you will find KALAIS, tel. 22830 51212, a pretty café that has been established by two young men who came to the village and have made it their home. They have created a place where you can enjoy your cocktail, a sweet delicacy, a snack or just freshly ground coffee. Their café is the heart of Komi village with its happy children and friendly cats relaxing under the old sycamore trees.

Just outside Komi, by the bridge, you will find the well known and loved pizza/creperie GARAGE, tel. 22830 51221, with a variety of tasty pizzas, pasta dishes and delightful sweet or savory crepes. 


In the middle of the village, you will find all year round the traditional café TO KAFENIO POU LEGAME, tel. 228330 51066, where you can enjoy your coffee, a drink or a snack alongside the villagers. 


Next to SVOURA you will find KOMISSA TINOS, an all day business serving brunch until 4.00 pm, then dinner and later drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. 


In Komi, at the main square “Platanos”, under the sycamore trees, you will find the famous SVOURA meze tavern, tel. 22830 51830 with traditional delicacies which attract visitors from all over Tinos. The meze you will find here is traditionally placed in the middle of the table and enjoyed and shared by all. 

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At the edge of Komi omthe way to Kolybithra you will find TRIGIRO a grill house offering delicious souvlaki with pita bread in various options (pork,chicken, gyros etc.).  


CYNARA is the new Mini Market in Komi which has a large variety of every day essentials, traditional goods, fruits and vegetables.

MAMACITA SPRITZ, is a new, pretty bar in Komi which offers cocktails, beer, hot dogs and tasty vegan tortillas.  


In Kolibithra, you have a choice between two eating taverns where you will enjoy the traditional dishes: the tavern of the hotel VICTORIA tel. 22830 51309, with magnificent panoramic view of the bay or DRAKONISI tel. 22830 51467, a lovely tavern situated virtually on the sea!   

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In Krokos, you will find the traditional café-tavern TIS KYRA LENIS της ΚΥΡΑ EΛΕΝΗΣ, tel. 22830 51409, where you can enjoy local specialties or just a drink or coffee. Just across the street you will find  the Cafe Bistro CROQUE MONSIEUR, tel. 22830 51089, where you will enjoy your breakfast, brunch and snacks all day long.  

In Skalados you will find the grocery shop-café TO PARADOSIAKO tel. 22830 51423 which serves coffee, food and snacks. A favourite amongst the locals. You will also find the traditional tavern STOY ZAHARIA tel. 22830 51898 who serves a large variety of local specialties. 

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Our beaches

Our beaches are famous and are considered amongst the best in the Cyclades because they can cater for every taste:
"Big Kolibithra" has become of late the meeting point for youngsters and particularly surfers as it is considered ideal for those who want to enjoy surfing or just play with the waves of the Aegean Sea. There is a canteen offering drinks and snacks and unique umbrellas which resemble mushrooms! "Small Kolibithra" is 100 meters further and is ideally suited for a more relaxing time and for children as the sea here is much calmer. Here there is also a canteen offering drinks and snacks and luxurious umbrellas and beach beds. For those who wish a quieter beach "Αpothikes", only 200 meters further on, is the ideal beach with only a few umbrellas and fewer people. There is also a canteen here with drinks and snacks.

For even more private swimming, you need only continue on a little further and choose one of the many small beaches that exist in the cove and make it your own! 

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Other activities and worth seeing…

Our villages are situated in the center of the island… “the heart of the island” to say. As a result, they are the ideal place in order to visit any spot on the island. They are only a few kilometers from the island’s capital (Hora) only 10-15 minutes by car. Very close by, there is a number of other interesting villages you should visit such as Kalloni, Agapi, Kato Klisma, Aetofolia, Smardakito, Tarabados, Karkados, Kambos (with the famous Tsoklis art museum) and of course the world famous Volax with the unique surreal, almost alien scenery. If you like trekking, you will discover that we are also “in the heart” of the famous paths which lead to the most beautiful spots on the island. You can choose to explore them on your own or with an experienced guide, and discover hidden on the slopes of the hills, the remnants of many windmills and pigeon cots many of which are considered unique architectural and artistic examples. You will also discover the famous chapels of Agia Loukia, Agioi Anargiroi, Agios Markos, Agios Filaktos and Agios Giannis. If you are more athletic, you may like to try climbing the steep rocks of the impressive mountain of Exombourgo. 

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Trekking - Βωλάξ.JPG

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, a member of our Community Board will be happy to answer them. 
The members of our Community Board are: 
•    Polykarpos (Pol) Delatolas - President 
•    Iosifina - Μaria Palamari – Vice President & Communication Director
•    Giorgos Savvaris - Member – Cultural Events Director. 
•    Giorgios Foskolos - Member 
•    Anna Zaloni - Member 
You can contact us:
•    By Post: Community Board of Komi, Komi 84200, Tinos. 
•    By Mail:
•    By phone: 22830 51220

Contact us


KROKOS - PERASTRA the heart of Tinos!


The site has been constructed under the supervision of the Community Board of Komi, Skalados, Krokos, Perasta. The information contained has been gathered from the representatives of the villages and from other sites. If you spot any mistakes, please let us know and we will correct them.  

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